Marketing Automation

Create, automate, and test highly targeted mobile in-app messages and push notifications to optimize user engagement, retention and brand loyalty.

Event-Based Triggers

Send personalized push notifications based off specific in-app behaviors with the highest degree of precision.

Geofence and iBeacon Triggers

Choose precise locations as triggers for in-app messages and push notifications with minimal impact on battery life.

Open Source Message Templates

Choose from our pre-defined set, or create your own custom in-app message templates to drive higher user engagement.

Dynamic Targeting

Send highly personalized messages to specific customer segments with advanced targeting based on geography, device type, app version, traffic source, custom user attributes, and in-app behaviors.

Deep Linking

Customize message-to-landing page paths with deep links within your app. Daisy chain push and in-app messages together to create highly customized user flows.

Flexible Delivery

Update messaging and launch campaigns in real-time, or create specific time- and event-based triggers.

A/B Testing

Don’t risk going to market with one message that falls flat. Optimize your messaging campaign with Leanplum A/B Testing.

Get Started in 90 Seconds

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