Report: 800% Increase in Push Notification Engagement Due to Personalization

Analysis of 1.5 billion push notifications details breakthrough findings on Android vs. iOS engagement, timing, content, and more.


Today, we announced our  second data science report, “Personalize or Bust: The Impact on App Engagement.” The report examines the significant impact of personalization on messaging engagement, finding up to 800 percent higher user engagement levels when brands personalize their approach. We analyzed how users responded to more than 1.5 billion push notifications to gather actionable insights marketers need to boost open rates, including critical differences between Android and iOS engagement. To empower more context-rich messaging, we also launched a new feature, Linked Data, to personalize push notifications with just-in-time external information, adding real-world relevance to messaging.

“Personalize or Bust” examines how different facets of personalization create higher user engagement. We looked at the effect of operating systems, content, delivery methods, and geographic regions on both open rates and median time to open. Some of the data findings include:

  • Android has double the push notification open rates of iOS, but iOS users open push notifications seven times faster than Android users.
  • Push notifications triggered by individual user behaviors produce nine times the open rate of blasts sent immediately.
  • Users are 2.5x more likely to open push notifications sent using an Optimal Time machine learning algorithm than blasts scheduled regardless of the individual.
  • Push notifications that contain personalized content, such as user names, favorite categories, or recently viewed items see four times the open rate of generic messages.

To amplify the clear impact content personalization has on mobile messaging and engagement, we now offer the Linked Data feature on top of our other rich campaign design capabilities. Linked Data allows marketers to incorporate the most up-to-date, relevant information to push notifications at the time of send, including sources such as weather reports, available inventory, trending content, and more.

Our unique ability to personalize, optimize and coordinate across both messaging and in-app experience distinguishes our fully integrated platform from other mobile marketing solutions in the ecosystem. Customers, like Lyft, speak to their experience.

“Leanplum has helped us continually experiment, so we can drive up engagement and user retention,” said Timothy Brown, Director of Engineering at Lyft. “For Lyft, acquiring passengers, as well as drivers, is just one component of our growth. Being able to retain and drive lifetime value for both these audiences is critical. With Leanplum, we get an integrated solution to manage content quickly, optimize the app experience, and deliver greater levels of personalization.”

Our CEO and co-founder Momchil Kyurkchiev chimed in. “Brands today are struggling to connect with their audiences in truly relevant ways. The point solutions that currently exist in the app industry are fragmented, making it tough for marketers to understand their users and deliver meaningful engagement. We built an integrated platform to deliver the right message to each user and drive them back to an optimized in-app experience. You get everything you need to maximize app ROI in one place.”

This latest report elaborates on themes and insights revealed in our first data science report, “Breaking Barriers to Push Notification Engagement,” published in March of 2016. The inaugural study found that 63 percent of marketers send push notifications at the wrong time across different countries and regions, missing major opportunities for global mobile engagement.

To download the report, click this link.

Leanplum is the most complete mobile marketing platform, designed for intelligent action. Our integrated solution delivers meaningful engagement across messaging and the in-app experience. We work with top brands such as Expedia, Tesco, and Lyft.

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