Leanplum Reveals 120 Power Words That Boost Engagement & Conversions

TL;DR: The first of its kind text analysis for mobile marketers identifies top words and themes to increase app engagement.

With the space constraints and urgency required in a mobile push notification, every word counts. Today, we announced a new report, Push Notification Power Words. Based on a text analysis of more than 2.6 billion push notifications, the report identifies highly effective “power words” to help mobile marketers break through the noise and drive better app engagement.

In this report, we identify four key themes — and associated power words — that lead to greater mobile engagement, from opens to conversions.

  1. Urgency: Time-sensitive notifications deepen a user’s need to interact with an app. Power words include: alert, breaking, critical, deadline, reminder.
  2. Exclusivity: Users appreciate being rewarded for a unique offer. Power words include: accepted, eligible, invitation, member, spotlight.
  3. Emotive: Words that spark feelings truly pique a user’s interest. Power words include: believe, dream, indulge, memories, surprise.
  4. Value: Focusing on discounts or savings lures shoppers back. Power words include: bargains, buy, cash, deals, offers.

We found that power words have substantial impact on critical app metrics. Publisher’s Clearing House (PCH), a gaming and sweepstakes company, launched a series of A/B tests experimenting with copy to drive more mobile growth and app revenue. PCH learned that the closer an app user is to churning, the more urgent a tone is needed to re-engage them. The results were impressive: PCH saw a 30 percent increase in retention.

“We’ve found that power words have a big impact on user engagement,” said Brooke O’Keefe, Associate Director of Integrated Marketing at PCH. “They help us capture user attention and stand apart from other apps’ messaging. Leanplum makes it super easy to A/B test elements such as tone, copy length, and personalization, which substantially boosts engagement.”

“We are making it easier for marketers to move past the generic blast approach and to treat each user as an individual,” said Momchil Kyurkchiev, Leanplum Co-founder and CEO. “This research illustrates which specific words resonate with app users on an emotional level, a requirement for creating meaningful connections. Including these words in your push notification campaigns can lead to more engagement, retention, and revenue.”

Our mobile marketing platform tracks 14 billion user actions each day and sends 4.8 billion push notifications per month. This vast source of data gives us valuable insights that mobile marketers can leverage to improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.  

To see the full list of power words, including a breakdown by travel, retail, and music verticals, download the full Mobile Marketing Trends report, Push Notification Power Words.

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