Mobile eCommerce and on-demand businesses today have a tough hurdle to overcome: stiff competition from other companies and staying top-of-mind for customers who are inundated with new options every day.

So, how do you build long-lasting relationships with customers, ensure they’re aware of your available offerings and services, and better retain their business and loyalty?

Partnering with mobile eCommerce and on-demand businesses to draw on our platform and technology — combined with innovative strategies — can help you make customer engagement automation and personalization a breeze.  This way, you can maintain your hard-earned relationships with your customers.

Helping you get the right message to your customers at the right time

Leveraging our platform’s robust features, eCommerce and on-demand apps can hyper-personalize and target their messaging to build better connections with customers, boosting engagement and retention.

Enhanced message delivery with data-driven triggers

Timing is everything.  Thanks to the accessibility of mobile devices and email, customers receive and read messages constantly throughout the day. You want to ensure that the communications and messages you send don’t fall by the wayside.  

Many mobile on-demand products face the added complexity of those on-the-spot decisions customers have to make in their daily lives, from deciding what to eat to getting around town.  

Using Leanplum’s robust recency and frequency segmentation capabilities, you can gain insights to re-engage customers who have been inactive for a while.  One of our clients, Just Eat, was even able to identify the ideal times to trigger notifications and be at the forefront of customers’ minds when choosing what to eat.  This led to increased customer engagement for their StampCard loyalty program.

Coordinated multichannel communication

Multichannel engagement helps you meet customers where they are, but it can be tricky to ensure your communication and messages are consistent across every channel.  

The Leanplum platform offers email messaging, push notifications, in-app messaging, and app inbox so you can manage and customize your communications all in one place.  

Via, one of our clients, conducted a highly successful reactivation campaign using multiple channels — in-app messaging, email, and push messages — to maximize their audience reach and re-engage users whose app usage was inconsistent.

Optimized campaigns with A/B testing

Beyond customizing message content, timing, and triggers on the Leanplum platform, you can also conduct A/B testing across these different elements to create data-driven campaigns that yield optimal results.

Via also used our advanced A/B testing capabilities on their lifecycle campaigns to send customized content and messaging targeted based on segmentation and user attributes.  The result was increased inactive user engagement and better customer retention.

Harnessing the power of personalization with Leanplum

With personalized messaging, Just Eat saw a significant increase in the StampCard voucher redemption rate, a 17% increase in order volume, and a marked uptick in StampCard customers using other restaurants participating in the program.  

Via’s reactivation campaign saw a 27% increase in riders returning to the app and higher usage over the following weeks.

However, our collaborations with Just Eat and Via are only a few examples of the impact of a personalized approach in driving customer retention.

Implementing Leanplum’s out-of-the-box solution to develop creative, targeted campaigns partnered with testing and analytics is key to creating the best opportunities to build customer engagement.

For mobile eCommerce and on-demand brands, delivering customized communication that keeps customers coming back is crucial to remaining competitive as you grow and scale your business.

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For app-first companies, Leanplum is the only solution that helps personalize and optimize all customer touchpoints, both inside and outside the app. Leanplum combines multi-channel Lifecycle Marketing with the ability to A/B test the Product Experience for complete, end-to-end personalization of the mobile journey. Break down organizational silos and eliminate point solutions to enable rapid growth.