Transparency in the app industry can be tough to find and even harder to achieve.  To lead the way in restoring and setting a new standard for openness in our industry, we’re excited to announce our new Product Tour.  

In just 5 minutes, you can take an interactive walkthrough of our platform and see our capabilities at work.  

Industry-specific use cases

As the only company that focuses on engagement and personalization for gaming, subscription, and on-demand and mobility apps, we’ve taken the time to learn the workflows for different use cases within each sector.  

These insights have enabled us to understand how apps in these categories can deliver optimized and personalized in-app experiences that provide value to your users, leading to higher engagement and retention.    

Whether you’re in mobile gaming, eCommerce, subscription, or another industry, we’ve customized our product demo to take you through the use cases and content that best apply to your business.


See our user profiles, including how we support multiple devices and platforms, store up to 10x more attributes than our competitors, and record user timelines.

Check out an overview of building an audience with our drag and drop interface and applying attributes and behavioral segmentation for advanced personalized messaging and strategy.  

Multichannel lifecycle campaigns

Learn how to view, edit, and manage all your campaigns in one spot.  Our message editor empowers you to create and customize campaigns, set up in-app message templates that look and feel native to your app, configure behavioral triggers, add dynamic content, track real-time campaign results, and much more.  

LiveOps Events

Explore how to use our platform to set up personalized in-game campaigns and events to enhance the player journey and improve player engagement, acquisition, and monetization.

Product A/B testing

See how you can use Leanplum Variables to customize your app experience, including onboarding, checkout, and feature updates.

Use our robust A/B testing tools to maximize your campaign performance by identifying the most effective message content, timing, and channels.

We also make analysis easy for you by highlighting the most statistically significant metrics and showing the impact on your KPIs, among various other reporting capabilities.

Imagine the possibilities

Take a click through our Product Tour and start envisioning the exciting ideas and experiences you could quickly launch, test, and iterate with minimal development time and effort.

What to learn more?  Check out some of our additional resources:

For app-first companies, Leanplum is the only solution that helps personalize and optimize all customer touchpoints, both inside and outside the app. Leanplum combines multi-channel Lifecycle Marketing with the ability to A/B test the Product Experience for complete, end-to-end personalization of the mobile journey. Break down organizational silos and eliminate point solutions to enable rapid growth.