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Our growth is critically dependent on getting users to come back to Via. With Leanplum, we accelerated our app A/B testing, and leveraged dynamic customer insights to improve retention.

Ori Klein,
VP of Growth at Via


Via aims to be the primary means of transit. While many of their new customers use the service multiple times a week, some had a more irregular ride pattern, suggesting that more could be done to engage this cohort into riding more frequently. One of the strategies to achieve their goal is to retain more users by ramping up A/B tests.


Via is not the first ride-sharing app to the race, but they certainly have a smart take on retention. They realized that the users who showed renewed interest in the app are even more likely to respond to a reactivation message. With Leanplum’s supercharged experimental capabilities, Via went on to test lifecycle campaigns to retain more app users.

Sophisticated A/B testing

With Leanplum, Via is empowered to run more sophisticated A/B tests that earn them actionable insights. Enhanced data allows Via to tap into advanced segmentation and user attributes to send highly targeted and relevant content and messages.

Cross-channel campaigns

Via’s campaign successes relied heavily on integrating multiple channels such as in-app, email, and push messages. Their approach involved running a multitouch campaign in Leanplum to reach their full audience.

Why Via trusts Leanplum

Well aware of the impact that targeted marketing campaigns can have, Via sought to optimize retention. In addition to many of their standard campaigns, Via also implemented a cross-channel reactivation campaign aimed at improving the stickiness of returning dormant users. Their reactivation campaign proved to be a huge retention success — driving 27% more riders back to the app. The success also meant that riders continued taking rides over the next 3 weeks or more.

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