App Inbox

App Inbox helps mobile teams keep customers engaged with a dedicated communication channel right inside the app.

Where your messages stick

Leanplum’s App Inbox is a persistent container for relevant campaign messages, making it easy for marketers to drive engagement each time a user opens an app. It’s a great way to remind users about current promotions, offers, and other relevant content. Best of all, App Inbox is still visible even if your audience has opted out of other communication channels, including push notifications and email.

You’ve got App Inbox

Why PCH trusts Leanplum

“PCH leverages Leanplum’s platform to send targeted content and smarter messages to our users, helping us drive more engagement throughout the user experience.” — Brooke O’Keefe, Associate Director of Integrated Marketing at PCH

App Inbox in action

Because messages on App Inbox live in a single place, users always know where to access all offers and communications — e.g., a discount good for the next store visit.

Use App Inbox to re-connect with users who have opted out of push or email. By adding a badge to your app icon, you encourage more users to return to the app to discover what’s new.

Align your push notifications, email, or other marketing campaigns with content in App Inbox to drive engagement, retention, and conversions.

App Inbox is the perfect reminder to incentivize users who’ve abandoned items in a shopping cart or could be upsold based on shopping history.

Key features

Persistent messaging

for customer engagement


based on demographic and behavioral data


based on recent in-app behavior

Rich media embedding

for more compelling content

Responsive campaigns

to move customers along their journey

A/B testing

to test and improve offer effectiveness

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