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Customer-first approach from strategy through execution

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Drive more engagement with us

"With Leanplum, we are able to manage push and in-app messaging — content featuring, targeting, and optimizations — entirely from our team focused on editorial and product engagement. Leanplum is our avenue for understanding how different mobile app users engage with different content." — Cody Winn, Director of Mobile and Platforms at TED Conferences
“Initially, onboarding was the focus, but we wanted to identify new engagement opportunities. Because Leanplum helped us improve our communication with users through push and in-app notifications, we successfully optimized the entire user journey... leading to huge gains in revenue." — Lomit Patel, Vice President of Growth at IMVU

Leanplum customers have seen

increase in revenue

higher user retention

more conversions

What you need to create more meaningful customer touchpoints

Our intuitive visual solution helps marketers build highly contextual messaging campaigns across channels like push notifications, email, in-app messages, app inbox, and app UI. With step-by-step guidance, multi-channel branching, and customer journey analytics, our platform takes the guesswork out of campaign creation.

Our mobile devices are uniquely personal, we check them hundreds of times a day. This provides a rich opportunity for brands to create deep customer bonds. With Leanplum, deliver targeted engagement when it matters most — using channels such as push notifications, in-app messaging, and App Inbox.

Mobile app usage provides a window into the needs and preferences of customers. With Leanplum, use that wealth of insight to turbocharge your email and web marketing. Build rich campaigns that span both mobile and traditional digital channels — incorporating email and web push notifications into your engagement strategy.

The mobile app experience is immersive. That makes aligning your marketing with the app UX a must. With Leanplum, you can deliver an integrated mobile experience that spans messaging campaigns, in-app content and even app features.

Mobile innovators never stop learning. With Leanplum, you can A/B test everything, including message copy, channels, images, multi-touch campaigns, app UI, and product features. Then go beyond vanity metrics to understand the full impact of your efforts on your business — user behavior, engagement, and long-term loyalty.

Awards and Recognitions

Winner of Mobile Marketing Association's Most Effective Messaging Campaign 2019

Winner of Mobile Marketing Association's Most Effective Messaging Campaign 2019

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Recognized as an innovator in MarTech Breakthrough Awards 2019

Recognized as an innovator in MarTech Breakthrough Awards 2019

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Kate Fitzgerald Recognized as a Top Woman in Saas 2019

Kate Fitzgerald Recognized as a Top Woman in Saas 2019

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The Platform to Help You Significantly Improve Your Customer Engagement

Get a demo to see how the Leanplum platform can help you drive customer engagement, ultimately helping to mitigate churn and grow revenue or followers. We’ll show you how to use your data to understand your users’ needs. See how you can A/B test everything (including message, copy and in-app images) and orchestrate campaigns across channels.

Lovoo case study

“We noticed a large number of users who reached the limits of their free usage but failed to buy a subscription. Leanplum helped us turn them into paying users. ”
— Saket Toshniwal, Project Manager & CRM Lead, LOVOO

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