In-app messaging

Deliver highly customizable in-app messaging that enables meaningful conversations at the moment of customer need.

The perfect conversation starter

Create rich in-app messages without writing a line of code. Leanplum offers out-of-the-box templates for interstitials, banners, videos, and more — or build your own and easily upload them to the platform. To optimize your in-app messages, A/B test copy, timing, and more to get the message just right.

Create beautiful messages with ease

Why Mobilityware trusts Leanplum

“Leanplum gives us the flexibility to customize in-app message templates and timing, to reach users when they’re most engaged with a look that matches our brand experience. Because our promotion matched the look and feel of our native UI, users responded with great engagement, giving us a 5% lift in daily active users and increasing their time spent in app by 30 seconds.” — Alex Tarrand, Head of Live Ops at Mobilityware

In-app messages in action

Some mobile users are shy — they love your app, but they won’t tell the world unless you ask. Identify segments, such as highly engaged users, and test the best time and approach to ask for an app store review.

On average, only 42% of users opt-in to push notifications. Earn more opt-ins by sending in-app messages that explain the value of push, for example offering flight updates after booking travel.

Build comprehensive user surveys, for example soliciting user satisfaction scores or app feedback. Then tie together your marketing campaigns and customer support to improve retention.

Avoid time-consuming app store submissions by delivering new content via in-app messages that feel native to the app. Sequence these messages to add rich app experiences.  

Key features

Comprehensive support

for interstitials, banners, videos, and more

Pre-built templates

for every in-app message type

Code-free customization

of fonts, colors, and copy

Custom HTML5 functionalities

for deeper customization

New in-app experiences

without App Store resubmissions

A/B testing

to improve long-term value

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