Email marketing

Leverage real-time user behaviors to craft personalized emails that flow seamlessly with your other messaging campaigns.

Built for the mobile era

Email marketing is a must for engaging app users. That’s why Leanplum helps you automate email based on in-app behaviors. Better still, you can run multi-channel campaigns combining email, push notifications, and in-app messaging. And all from a single interface that ensures message consistency and overall business impact.

Channel your messaging beyond the app

Email marketing in action

Only 42% of users opt in to push notifications. Connect with a wider audience using email to offer great content, sales, or an experience they would otherwise miss out on.

Even when a user uninstalls your app, you can still reach them via email. Incentivize lost users to re-download your app with a targeted campaign.

Message campaigns that span customer touch points are more effective at converting users. Follow up a push notification or in-app message with an email to nudge more users through conversion.

Make every email feel personalized and relevant. Improve email targeting based on unique mobile usage patterns, geolocation, lifecycle stage, or other in-app behaviors and preferences.

Key features

Responsive HTML5 templates

that look great on any device

Drag & drop design

for easy message editing

Visual localization

to engage users in multiple languages

Campaign coordination

from one platform

Automated campaigns

to boost conversions

Consolidated unsubscribe

tracking to manage opt-outs

Preview center

ensures error-free messages

Adaptive feedback

real-time guidance on audience & timing

Optimal frequency caps

send to the right user at the right time

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