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CleverTap Welcomes Leanplum

Today is a big day at CleverTap. Arguably the most significant step in our journey towards delivering unprecedented value and unlocking substantial competitive advantage for our...
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Introducing A New Product Feature: The Image Interstitial

The fastest and easiest way to create beautiful in-app messages with fully customized design, straight from an image – and without the help of a developer. Leanplum is exc...
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Focus on What Works With A/B Testing 

There’s no doubt that A/B testing is paramount to any app’s success.  With data-based insights, app businesses can iterate faster and know that they’re making sound decisions.  ...
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Breaking Down Silos for More Impactful Results

In mobile engagement, campaigns and messaging need to align with the customers’ need for consistency. A good in-app experience joins  the messages they see and with experi...
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How to Maximize Operational Efficiency Through Automation

Today’s app businesses have their work cut out for them.  Besides the growing number of options for customers, apps also have to cope with increasing expectations. Users expect ...
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Increase Operational Efficiency with In-App Messages for LiveOps Events

With the overwhelming number of mobile games out there, studios are tasked with the challenge of creating new experiences that engage their players.  But, how do you balance thi...