Critical Use Cases: Mastering Mobile Conversion

From addressing shopping cart abandonment and cross-selling to driving lifetime customer value, mobile conversion should be on every m-commerce manager’s wish list — and not just for the holidays.

Here are four ways to cash in on mobile, build user loyalty, and boost app retention year-round.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Think about your own mobile app shopping experience, full of everyday distractions, competing priorities and inherent indecision (“Do I really need that fuschia selfie stick even if it’s 50 percent off?”).

Once you blink and run off somewhere else, what’s stranded in your shopping often becomes “out of sight, out of mind.”

In fact, 90 percent of shopping carts go abandoned on mobile.

Send reminders

During the early days of e-commerce, digital marketers quickly learned the value of sending simple email reminders, firing them to users who left items in their online shopping carts.

The same concept rocks mobile, too — especially via push notifications, which, by their in-your-face immediacy, can spur shopping cart conversions.

Timely reminders are the perfect top-of-mind vehicle for distracted shoppers. Mixbook, whose Mosaic mobile app helps users customize photo books, cards and calendars, boosted conversions by 14 percent with shopping cart abandonment reminders sent using Leanplum.

mobile conversion: cart abandomentPersonalize the Message

Dynamically customizing your shopping cart reminder — e.g., referencing a user’s first name and the item — “Dear Hamilton, you left a copy of 50 Shades of Grey in your cart!” is a compelling best practice. This makes it more likely a user returns to the store and checks out. Hello, mobile conversion!

Icing on the shopping experience cake, engaging Leanplum’s Optimal Time functionality can deliver that message when a user is more likely to engage with the notification, maximizing conversions.

And don’t forget the web experience. Shoppers often browse items on an app but buy on the web. In that case, you’d want to suppress mobile reminders about abandoned shopping cart items, which Leanplum allows you to do, resulting in a more positive, holistic user experience.

Outfit Your Conversion With Holiday Promos

Black Friday … Mobile Monday … March Madness … app shoppers go ga-ga for holiday specials and have come to expect them.

For retail apps, launching seasonal specials are surefire ways to stimulate browsing, app engagement and mobile conversion.

Personalize the Promotion

For extra oomph, reference a user’s past search to entice them into using a seasonal promotion. Or remark that their “loyalty status” has made them eligible for a superior holiday discount.

Finally, delivering the promotion at the most optimal time for each user, again leveraging Leanplum Optimal Time functionality, will bring joy to your mobile conversion efforts.

mobile conversion: holiday promo

Upsell and Cross-Sell Like a Pro (“Fries With That Order?”)

Cha-ching! Sale made, done deal. Now your window opens to promote add-on, aftermarket, or complimentary products.

Rather than being seen as a pushy annoyance, alerting users to additional purchase options — “Sara, you may also enjoy this!” — is a welcome way to stimulate repeat purchases, all in the name of mobile conversion.

For example, consider including a one-time promotion code in a cross-sell or upsell offer to entice shoppers while they’re still in a shopping frame of mind.

Expand Product Awareness

Shoppers are often unaware of your full product line. By alerting them to related categories or products, you’ll do them and your mobile conversion a favor. We’ve  seen a 10 percent increase in upsell purchasing after an upsell push notification goes out.

mobile conversion: cross-sell and upsellEncourage Early Monetization

Did you know that only 0.1 percent of users make in-app purchases on their first day using the app?

Maybe they’re naturally shy or wary about using a new app. Break through that reluctance by offering new users discounts or one-time promos within three days of app download and install.

Users who are monetized early — Shop early, shop often! — even by a modest purchase, are much more likely to become repeat, i.e., loyal, customers. Welcome to higher retention and lifetime customer lifetime value.

mobile conversion: early monetization

Mobile Conversion, in Summary

“How do I bring users back to my app? How do I encourage more purchases? How do I incentivize loyalty?”

Mobile marketers struggle with these challenges and other mobile conversion-related pains. Don’t be afraid to gently nudge app shoppers with shopping cart reminders, discounts, seasonal sales and cross-selling. Awareness, retention, and monetization will be your dividends.

For more on mobile use cases, visit our Resource Library.

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