Leanplum Ranked #1 in Delivering Results

The proof is in the numbers.  With G2’s Winter Reports release, Leanplum is thrilled to be ranked as a leader in various categories and #1 in getting results for our mobile-first clients.

Our robust platform helps app-first businesses deliver real-time hyper-personalized messaging and experiences to engage their users.

We take great pride in being the only company that focuses on personalized engagement for gaming, subscription, and on-demand and mobility apps.  Our dedicated industry knowledge and experience help us partner with our clients to find innovative ways to apply Leanplum’s solutions to industry-specific workflows and use cases.  

Looking to boost conversion, retention, and monetization for your app?  Let’s take a closer look at how we deliver for our customers.

Optimized user experience for your app 

While your app may deliver exceptional benefits and services, ensuring that it offers a user-friendly and customized experience takes it to the next level, engaging your users to prevent churn and, in turn, increasing revenue.

As a leader in Mobile App Optimization, the Leanplum platform empowers businesses with precise audience targeting and segmentation capabilities, storing over 2,000 attributes — 10x more than competitors.  

You can even move beyond targeting static and demographic attributes with behavioral segmentation.  We offer advanced segmentation capabilities using behavioral data and trends such as recency and frequency that allow you to tailor your customer’s in-app experience in real-time, showing and hiding different elements based on how they engage with your app.  

Our platform also enables you to conduct A/B testing through Leanplum Variables and remote configuration to see how users interact with different elements within your app.  The combination of testing and advanced analytics features, such as campaign and customer journey analytics, can help you gather deeper insights to help you further enhance the in-app experience.  

Improved conversions through mobile marketing

Besides using our targeting, testing, and reporting capabilities to enhance the app experience, you can use these same features to bolster your mobile marketing to draw in new users and keep your existing ones happy.  

With Leanplum, a leader in Mobile Marketing, you can set up targeted marketing campaigns and events quickly and easily with minimal code using our drag and drop interface.  

Some clients have even leveraged our capabilities to design and develop events and messages with templates that can be duplicated for easy scaling.    

Effective push notifications

Through Leanplum, you can set up and create in-app messaging, push notifications, and email notifications, complete with text and images, to engage mobile users.  

Ranked as a leading platform for Push Notifications, Leanplum helps you drive repeat use by sending personalized content and messaging based on users’ real-time behavior and engagement with your app.   

You can also apply A/B testing and analytics to optimize your messaging for better clickthrough rates and conversions.

A proven solution for enhanced mobile engagement

Our all-in-one platform equips your teams with the data, customization, targeting, and delivery capabilities to personalize your app experience to your customers’ needs.

By carefully curating a user experience tailored to each individual’s needs and behaviors, your app will resonate with your customers in a way that’ll keep it top-of-mind for increased conversion, retention, and monetization.

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For app-first companies, Leanplum is the only solution that helps personalize and optimize all customer touchpoints, both inside and outside the app. Leanplum combines multi-channel Lifecycle Marketing with the ability to A/B test the Product Experience for complete, end-to-end personalization of the mobile journey. Break down organizational silos and eliminate point solutions to enable rapid growth.