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Unify Data for Engagement in Rich User Profiles to Create Targeted audiences

An array of SDKs and Partner Integrations to help you collect data for engagement necessary for rich user profiles, plus tools to create and manage campaign audiences

Unifying Data for Engagement

Delivering personalized engagement first requires gathering useful data for engagement such as user attributes like gender, and behavior such as a purchase which is captured as an event. Whether your data for engagement is spread out across multiple mobile applications and websites, or centralized in a Customer Data Platform (CDP), Leanplum’s growing array of Software Development Kits (SDKs) and partner integrations can help you to quickly bring it all together.

Building rich user profiles

Data for engagement such as user attributes and events are organized into individual User Profiles. Leanplum enables you to build and maintain a rich history, investigate user journeys, to inform more personalized engagement strategies.

Campaign audience management

Create granular campaign audiences from rich user profile attributes and events. Audience Insights automatically predicts campaign reach as you add or remove criteria. Or easily connect to audiences created and maintained outside Leanplum with a growing list of supported technology partners such as CDPs or Analytics Platforms. Of course, Leanplum also supports audience list imports. Once created, connected, or imported, easily find saved Audiences for future use.

“Leanplum empowers us to easily set up messages triggered by individual user behaviors. By analyzing drop off in the funnel, we deliver personalized communication responding to user needs. These campaigns help drive engagement and close the trial-to-subscription gap, thus impacting overall revenue.” 

Alvin Young,
Growth Marketer at Invoice2go

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See Leanplum in action

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