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Our mobile marketing software provides unmissable opportunities to engage with consumers.

Why is mobile so important?

Mobile devices are fast becoming integral to the ecommerce industry, with increasing numbers of consumers now choosing to shop via their mobiles. Research recently shared by Datareportal estimated the number of unique mobile phone users in the world as 5.15 billion, which means that 66% of the world’s entire population uses a mobile device.

The huge number of consumers now using mobiles to browse and buy products online has led to an inevitable increase in mobile ecommerce sales, with mobile now accounting for approximately a third of the overall ecommerce industry. Statista has suggested that by 2021, “53.9% of all retail e-commerce is expected to be generated via m-commerce.” With the numbers rising rapidly, there’s no denying the growing importance of mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing vs other channels: What’s the difference?

Mobile marketing differs from other channels as it focuses exclusively on communications via mobile devices. For brands hoping to provide the best possible customer experience, mobile marketing offers great opportunities.

With mobile marketing, brands can engage with consumers wherever they happen to be, and send out notifications and updates at the optimum times to maximise the potential of every interaction. Mobile marketing enables brands to connect with consumers in a convenient, user-friendly way that makes shopping a breeze.

What makes effective mobile marketing?

The most effective mobile marketing strategies are those with clear objectives, which have been planned properly and are therefore informed, personalised and fully targeted. Effective mobile marketing should be driven by real data, with the goal of enhancing interactions to engage consumers.

When mobile marketing strategies are well targeted, campaigns as a whole start to achieve far better results. Communications are designed with particular customers in mind, and customers respond favorably to these tailored interactions, engaging more with the brand in question. As a result, conversions increase.

How can mobile marketing software benefit your business?

Mobile marketing services provide a wide range of benefits for businesses in all industries. When brands start to capitalize on the power of mobile marketing, their ability to reach their true potential immediately improves.

By making the most of innovative mobile marketing services, brands can unleash the power of every mobile communication channel there is, unlocking incredible opportunities to connect with consumers and improve conversion rates.

Take a look at the following benefits to see how mobile marketing services could benefit your business.

Our mobile marketing platform

Mobile A/B testing

Test different mobile offerings to see how consumers react. Try out two versions of every interaction and analyse results before making the switch to the most effective option for individual customer groups.

Mobile push notifications

Set up push notifications to connect with your customers at exactly the right time. Send out notifications reminding consumers about their favorite products, or use notifications to share updates about sales and promotions.

In-app messages

Tailor in-app shopping experiences to your customers and interact with them as they shop. Offer customer-focused support while consumers browse products via the app, and make sure every customer feels valued by your brand.

Mobile app messaging

Automate messaging about mobile apps and other mobile services. Send consumers a link to download your mobile-ready app, and make the process as simple as can be. Provide a seamless experience across your mobile site and app for maximum customer satisfaction.

Enhance your mobile app UI/UX

Learn about new ways to enhance the user experience by tweaking and transforming your mobile app. Discover unmissable insights into the ways in which consumers use your app, and improve the design to iron out any problems. Keep improving to stay ahead of your competitors.

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