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Personalize Engagement Across Relevant Channels

Tools and workflows to help you create personalized messages and customize mobile app or website UI/UX

Content Creation Tools

  • Easy message personalization with:
    • Rich user profile attributes
    • Mobile app and website events
  • Additional personalization with data outside Leanplum for:
    • Product catalog
    • Localization
  • Utilize available message templates, or design messages outside of Leanplum and upload
  • Message previews to avoid errors
    • On mobile device
    • In-browser
  • Integrated Email spam testing to help you maintain good sender reputation with ISPs


Email built for the modern marketer. Leverage rich personalization features to ensure emails are uniquely engaging for each user.

Mobile Push Notifications

Immediately engage users with messages that reach beyond the bounds of an active mobile app session

Mobile In-App Messages

Maintain a persistent message history in your mobile app, providing users with a repository to revisit over time

Website Browser Push Notifications

Immediately engage users on your website via a browser Push Notification, whether on their mobile device, laptop, or desktop

Mobile App & Website Inbox Messages

Maintain a persistent message history between both your mobile app and website, providing users with a common repository to revisit over time

Mobile App & Website UI/UX

No-code personalization of mobile app or website customer experience with UI elements such as images, buttons, premium features, free trials, offers, and more

“Leanplum gives us the flexibility to customize in-app message templates and timing, to reach users when they’re most engaged with a look that matches our brand experience. Because our promotion matched the look and feel of our native UI, users responded with great engagement, giving us a 5% lift in daily active users and increasing their time spent in app by 30 seconds.”

Alex Tarrand,
Head of Live Ops at Mobilityware

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