Mobile analytics

Go deeper than vanity metrics with comprehensive mobile analytics that offer the fullest picture of how campaigns perform — and how they affect your business.

Make a bigger impact

To make the smartest decisions, you need to understand all impacts of a messaging or A/B testing campaign — both positive and negative. The push notification you sent about a sale may have increased conversions, but also inadvertently caused app uninstalls. With Leanplum, you can get a 360-degree view of all outcomes so you can run campaigns with confidence.

Dig deeper into what works

Why App Annie trusts Leanplum

“Through Leanplum, we carefully manage tests for a large existing user base, and are able to measure against a wide variety of different metrics. This is crucial, as product changes often have unintended consequences. Having a holistic view of the impact to user behavior is the only real way to ensure you’re making the right call.” — Eric MacKinnon, Director of Product Management at App Annie

Mobile analytics in action

Track behavior throughout a user’s full journey, including app uninstalls. Gain deeper insights into funnel metrics, user dropoffs, and churn. Adjust your strategy to improve conversions and retention.

Separate the signal from the noise. Leanplum calculates your confidence intervals to ensure your A/B test results will not lead you astray. Select higher or lower intervals to match the rigor you want to see in your campaign results.

Filter, group, and cohort across all events to easily understand rich campaign and user data. Gain a complete understanding of impacts through personalized visual dashboards that highlight key insights.

View previous campaigns and A/B tests with a new lens. Perform retroactive segment analysis to better target user groups based on in-app behaviors. Insights will help you tailor future campaigns to better customize content.

Key features

Real-time analytics

on all your A/B tests

Personalized dashboards

and data visualizations

Automated insights

on important metrics

True campaign impact

to easily prove ROI

Confidence intervals

to reliably understand results

Uninstall tracking

to take action and win back users

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