Mobile A/B testing

A/B test everything, from your mobile campaigns to your app experience, to help build loyalty and drive app revenue.

Find out what works

Mobile innovators never stop testing — especially when faced with fierce competition for user attention. What content or delivery channel resonates? Which multi-touch campaigns yield the most conversions across the user journey? Will conversions increase if you tweak the placement of the add to cart button? Mobile A/B testing gives you real-time answers and the confidence to ensure you’re on the right path.

Test & learn without limits

Why Tesco trusts Leanplum

“Leanplum has given us this ability to see how customers respond to small and large changes to our apps. The platform’s ease of use, coupled with some excellent support from the Leanplum team, has helped us to increase our rate of A/B testing and has enhanced our learning of customer behavior on apps.” — Lee Mullins, Optimization Manager at Tesco UK

Mobile A/B testing in action

One size doesn’t fit all. Create messaging that resonates with your customers by A/B testing copy, timing, and delivery channel. Learn what moves the conversion needle and improves app retention.

Understand if your users love your new app capabilities as much as you do — before they uninstall or write negative reviews. Roll out new capabilities to a segment of your customers, collect results, optimize, then launch to everyone.

A/B test your UI to create the best possible experience to drive conversions. Fine-tune buttons, text, images, hidden elements, and app logic to find the optimal path to user engagement and revenue.

Increase your addressable audience through higher push opt-in rates. A/B test when to ask users to say yes to push, e.g., after key moments of delight like booking a flight or reaching a new gaming level.

What you can A/B test


Message sequences
Audience segments
Lifecycle campaigns
Permission requests
Onboarding tutorials
Reactivation campaigns
Cart abandonment campaigns






Delivery channels


In-app triggers

Deep links

App UX

App content


User interface

New features

Product flows

App logic

Free trials

Premium offers

Key features

Single solution

to A/B test content, multi-touch campaigns, and in-app experience

Proactive insights

into campaign trends and results

Two-tailed testing

to identify positive and negative impacts

Control groups

to measure campaign ROI with rigor

Real-time analytics

to easily prove ROI

Statistical significance

to separate white noise from actual results

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