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Leanplum gives us the flexibility to customize in-app message templates and timing, to reach users when they’re most engaged with a look that matches our brand experience.

Alex Tarrand,
Head of Live Ops at MobilityWare


Inside Blackjack, MobilityWare hosted a trial promotion, Awesome August. It wanted to promote the event more efficiently and retain more players with compelling content.

Primary goals

  • Make its in-app messages more enticing
  • Increase the frequency with which it sent messages
  • Lure more users into the game


MobilityWare set up an in-app messaging campaign, using custom templates created inside Leanplum’s platform. In addition to offering out-of-the-box templates, Leanplum allows apps to alter the open-source code to create a customized template that feels true to the brand experience. This branded template enabled MobilityWare to make easy and fast changes to the app’s IAM buttons, or in-app messages, so they could swap whole assets out to increase scalability.

In-app messages and delivery times

MobilityWare adjusted the message delivery time for users. Though the team runs regular weekly events, this promotion was the first time they ran events every day for a month. As part of the campaign, MobilityWare moved to engaging with users daily according to their in-app behavior. For example, when players took a certain action, like joining a Blackjack table, they triggered a message promoting Awesome August’s award opportunities.


The results illustrate how customized messages impact engagement.

The campaign delivered substantial increases in engagement:

  • 5.08 percent lift in daily active users (DAU)
  • 4.56 percent lift in users who returned to the game
  • 30-second increase in the average time spent in-app.

MobilityWare A/B tested the look and feel of an in-app message, creating an experience that matched its mobile app branding. It also optimized the delivery times, sending behavior-based messages at times of engagement, rather than at erratic moments. As a result, MobilityWare increased DAU and reactivated dormant users, preserving acquisition dollars.

Why MobilityWare trusts Leanplum

With Leanplum’s flexibility, mobile teams can offer users promotions at multiple points during their app experience to maximize engagement. This effective approach increases the app’s DAU, retention rate, and in-app engagement.

About MobilityWare

Game on! MobilityWare is a mobile gaming development company, responsible for addictive card and casino hits. Their Blackjack title transports users straight to the Las Vegas strip for a chance to win big money against the house.

For more information watch the full webinar with MobilityWare, LiveOps on a Shoestring Budget, where we discuss the inner workings of how MobilityWare is using Leanplum for live events.

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