7x Your Conversions with Personalized App Experiences

Given the number of interactions we have on our phones every day, to become a customer’s go-to app, mobile subscription businesses need to come up with ways to differentiate their app experiences and keep customers engaged.  

One defining characteristic of an exceptional experience is personalization.  No longer just a nice-to-have, it’s a minimum requirement for modern consumers.  While the need for personalization is well-established, it’s not enough simply to be aware of this expectation.  It’s also critical to implement personalization in the right way to achieve its full benefits.

In partnering with some of our subscription app customers for our latest Subscription App Data Science Report and analyzing billions of interactions and experiences, we’ve identified a distinct personalization journey that apps could take users on.  Consisting of four progressive levels of personalization, businesses that used the personalization journey saw exponentially better results — 7x to be exact.    

Let’s take a look at this journey and how you can apply each level to your app experiences to improve engagement.

Basic personalization & scheduled delivery

The most common level of personalization involves segmenting your audience by static information, demographics, and attributes and delivering the same content to each recipient through scheduled in-app messaging, push notifications, and email messages.

As an example, you might use this to announce a new product or release to customers.  

With the lowest level of audience engagement, this level of personalization accounts for only 4.4% of engagement.

Behavioral segmentation

The next level of personalization builds on the first level’s scheduled message delivery but uses data from your customers’ past activity and in-app event interactions.  

This kind of messaging could re-engage a user who hasn’t logged in or been active with your app recently.

Using more customization techniques than the first level, this type of personalization results in 5.3% of all customer engagement.

Behavioral triggered delivery & in-app messaging

The third level of engagement builds even further on behavior-based messaging by applying to actions and events in real-time.  This allows you to tailor the user journey to each individual, meeting them in the moment, while engaging them both inside and outside the app.

Have a new subscriber to your app?  You can send them a warm welcome notification with onboarding details through push and email messaging.

Interacting and responding to events in real-time, this form of personalization accounts for almost 15% of audience engagement — nearly triple the engagement from the last level.

Realtime In-App experience and content personalization

The final and most advanced method of personalization is customizing your message and app content to each customer.  Building on the prior levels, this approach allows you to send users targeted content based on their previous or real-time behavior, modifying the app experience on the go.  

For example, you can send your most avid users a summary of their progress through your app or congratulate them on reaching a certain level.  

At almost 36%, this type of personalization accounts for more than double the engagement from the last level.  

Creating personalized experiences that maximize engagement

In order to draw in and keep your users engaged, your app experiences have to rise above bulk messaging campaigns and standard methods of personalization.  

Tracking and using data from in-app events, you can pinpoint and develop effective strategies that adapt to your user’s actions in real-time to personalize, not just the notifications that go out to them, but their overall app experience. 

By taking your customers on a tailor-made journey that adjusts based on context and dynamic behavior, you’re delivering a unique and memorable experience that can attract and convert 7x the number of users — and keep them coming back.  

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