It’s no secret: the gaming industry is shaking up the mobile marketing landscape. To compete in this $69 billion market, gaming app marketers must balance two key initiatives: user acquisition tactics and personalized engagement across the full user journey. It’s a tall order, but that’s where we––and our trusted partner, AppsFlyer––come in. 

Leanplum & AppsFlyer: The dream team

Leanplum is the leading multi-channel customer engagement platform that provides gaming studios like Zynga and King with sophisticated LiveOps tools. These tools allow for an engaging player experience, which, in turn, drives Title/Studio loyalty and long-term customer retention. Our real-time audience management enables us to leverage user profiles, delivering contextually relevant messaging and experiences throughout the player lifecycle. 

We also take players through automated messaging journeys. These journeys allow us to leverage real-time in-game events and game state changes with an easy drag-and-drop interface. We can then analyze the test results to increase average revenue per user and overall ad revenue.

Our trusted partner, AppsFlyer, is the other half of this equation. AppsFlyer supports over 89,000 apps, including 60% of the top 200 gaming apps worldwide. They empower marketers to innovate and grow their business with a suite of measurement and marketing analytics solutions. As a global leader in attribution, they are able to personalize experiences with deep linking and first-party audience segmentation. 

Additionally, their mobile fraud prevention software was built on the world’s largest fraud database. AppsFlyer’s people-based attribution connects the dots across channels, platforms, and devices––including both paid and organic touchpoints. Their granular, real-time analytics analyze user acquisition and retarget with flexible cohort analysis. 

Together, AppsFlyer and Leanplum offer end-to-end measurement and engagement tools to deploy, analyze, and optimize paid and organic marketing activities for gaming apps. So––how do we do it? We’re happy you asked.

Activate, engage, and retain customers

In the gaming industry, the end goal for every company is to retain a large and healthy base of customers. Let’s dive in and explore how our clients activate, engage, and retain their customers.

Leveraging OneLink (AppsFlyer’s deep linking tool) within your push and email campaigns through Leanplum is a critical first step to ensure a frictionless user journey. In fact, OneLink has 2 to 5 times the conversion rate as a regular link!

Our clients can then send real-time attribution data from AppsFlyer to Leanplum. This data enables them to engage their users with personalized messaging. From tailoring each email, to push messages and in-app offers, our clients can ensure their customer travels seamlessly from acquisition to retention.

Finally, our clients can optimize their customers’ gaming experiences with Leanplum’s rapid app and message A/B testing––both before and after a wide-scale launch. Our platform allows them to build segmented targeting and split control groups with AppsFlyer Audiences. This, in turn, will enable them to measure incremental lift across paid retargeting and organic engagement via Leanplum. Our clients experience over 7x higher user retention rates: hook, line, and sinker––every time.

Test and analyze user journeys

One of the most valuable pieces of information is the data from the user journey. Without this information, your marketing teams will be left in the dark with no clear strategy for moving forward. The combination of AppsFlyer’s attribution data and Leanplum’s engagement data uncovers deeper customer journey insights––from acquisition to retention. 

Leanplum client, GameCircus, is an excellent example of this. Since adding AppsFlyer to its apps, GameCircus has more effectively allocated its ad dollars to bring in the highest quality users. It has also become far more agile, working with several new ad networks. In the end, the app saw 2.3 times the lift, and a 40% profit increase. These results illustrate the power of the partnership between Leanplum and AppsFlyer. 

It is also important to note that AppsFlyer’s Protect360 software works to eliminate mobile ad fraud before, during, and after install. This software saves media budgets and ensures customer journey data is clean and accurate for further analysis.

Using the combination of Leanplum and AppsFlyer software allows you to export user profiles, cohort reports, and raw data as often as needed––and import into any data warehouse or business intelligence platform.


Together, AppsFlyer and Leanplum offer robust solutions for marketing and LiveOps initiatives. From flexible engagement tools to real-time audience management and mobile fraud prevention, AppsFlyer and Leanplum offer end-to-end measurement to deploy, analyze, and optimize paid and organic marketing and LiveOps activities. For more information on Leanplum and AppsFlyer, click here to get started.