Taking a moment to reflect on our lives today in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no doubt we have all been impacted immensely. In the span of a few months, we saw tremendous changes in how governments, businesses, and global markets operate. Societies’ agility, creativity,  and digital knowledge have been forced to take a massive leap forward as we face new challenges like quarantine and social distancing.

Like other companies worldwide, we embraced the World Health Organization’s guidelines early on and substituted traveling between locations for work from home. Fortunately, we are familiar with work from home at Leanplum and we managed to continue operating without losing any momentum. Our people-first culture and commitment to customer success have allowed us to stay at the forefront of the multi-channel marketing industry and provide career opportunities to brilliant minds worldwide.

“We’re looking to bolster our product development team in Sofia, Bulgaria (Software Developers, Technical Support Engineers, and Product Managers) as well as our go-to-market organization in San Francisco, Denver, Singapore, [and] Amsterdam (Sales Engineers, Customer Success Managers, Business Development, Sales Development Representatives, Account Executives),” explains Kerri Corley, VP People at Leanplum. Check out openings at Leanplum and join our team

“We are looking for people who want to invest in building honest, meaningful relationships,” adds Corley in a recent interview with Forbes. “In our business, being able to pivot and adapt to the changing context and environment is essential—making changes needed to ensure what we do and how we do it are suitable for a new purpose or situation.”  

#Leanplumlife – What is it like to be a part of Leanplum?

    1. Being a part of Leanplum gives you the opportunity to define the future of next-generation marketing solutions and fulfill your passions among the industry’s brightest.

Every day you are helping the most innovative companies in Gaming, Social, and Retail among other verticals, change the way of mobile marketing. Being part of this impactful company has equipped me with knowledge and experiences that would be hard to find anywhere else. Working with a fun, inspiring, and collaborative team is the cherry on top! – Brooke Serguson, Customer Success Manager

     2. We build our culture by putting people first and cultivating meaningful connections unencumbered by politics or egos, clearing the way for productivity and collaboration. 

I came from the product and I am staying for the people… Joining Leanplum provides you with the opportunity to tackle unique challenges in a very dynamic industry alongside a great team you can truly rely on. – Ivailo Ivanov, Director of Product Management, Leanplum

     3. Being part of Leanplum means having ownership, a direct impact, and the right environment to do your best work. 

Leanplum is a unique company to work for – working closely with some of Europe’s most innovative mobile brands and on business cases that really impact their success. Happy to be a part of this team in Amsterdam and to be a part of something making a difference for companies reaching billions around the planet. – Nathan Ceulemans, Account Executive

   4. We pride ourselves on being authentic, collaborative, open to new ideas, and most importantly, showing gratitude. Everyone has a voice here, and we encourage you to use yours when you join.

Leanplum is a rare type of software company with a big customer base, a complex product, and a safe, supportive environment where the vision and ideas are shared and tested. That makes everyone involved―and every contribution is visible and valued! – Silvia Bakalova, Software Engineer, Leanplum

Check out openings at Leanplum and join our team