As a marketer, we know that you have responsibilities to drive a pipeline of new initiatives while maintaining a growing list of recurring campaigns. These might include:

  • Daily reminders
  • Weekly notifications for:
    • New merchandise or content
    • Promotions
    • Reactivation of dormant users or customers
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Anniversary thank you notes

We want to help you spend more time on new marketing initiatives that add incremental business value. Rather than regressing to batch and blast for recurring campaigns, easily configure recurrence with the personalized campaigns you create in Leanplum. 

Here are a few examples of recurring campaigns Leanplum helps our customers to automate:  

Improve Upsell

New arrivals notification
Notify users of new items within a given category they’ve previously shown interest in. 

  • Who to target: All users with recent purchases in a particular category (e.g. dresses, sneakers)
  • When to send: Every day
  • Channel: Email, combine with push notification to get 3x more engagement 
  • Content: Personalize per category to get the most out of your content

Weekly promotions

Send out weekly promotions to your users to increase app usage and boost sales.

  • Who to target: All users 
  • When to send: Every week
  • Channel: multi-channel – combine email, push notification, and app inbox
  • Content: Personalize promotions based on user’s purchase history

Improve Retention & Reduce Churn

Anniversary promotional discounts
Offer a discount or free gift to users 7 days before their birthday to drive sales and loyalty. 

  • Who to target: All users 
  • When to send: 7 days before user’s birthday or other anniversary
  • Channel: Email, combine with push notification to get 3x more engagement 
  • Content: Personalize discount or gift based on user’s preferences

Anniversary thank you’s
Engage with users on a regular basis by sending anniversary wishes every 30/60/90 days after the user installs the app.

  • Who to target: All users 
  • When to send: Every 1-3 months
  • Channel: Push notification
  • Content: Personalize anniversary content

Monthly newsletters
Send monthly updates to your users that capture their monthly usage summary to deliver a personalized engagement and help you retain them.

  • Who to target: All users
  • When to send: Every month
  • Channel: Email
  • Content: Personalized monthly app usage summary

Reactivate Dormant Users

‘We miss you!’ promotional discounts
Engage with users who are inactive for more than 90 days. Reach out on a weekly basis. Discount with dollar amount in the subject line (in case you are going with email) results in far better conversion.

  • Who to target: Users inactive for more than 90 days
  • When to send: Every week
  • Channel: Push notification and/or email
  • Content: Offer an interesting content and a discount to win your users back

To learn more about multi-channel campaigns and how Leanplum can help you effectively engage your audience, see our unique approach to mobile engagement and mobile retention.

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