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Mobile Gaming 2021 United States: LiveOps to Lift ARPU

Listen in on this session with with Tilting Point and Leanplum for valuable learnings to develop a successful mobile gaming revenue strategy. Leanplum co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Momchil Kyurkchiev, will share the latest findings from our Gaming Data Science Report. Andre Cohen, head of data science at Tilting Point will discuss LiveOps best practices.

Topics we’ll cover, include:

  • Comprehensive analysis of player micro-segmentation and player personalization.
  • Strategies to lift ARPU, regardless of where you are on the maturity curve
  • Valuable insights into Tilting Point’s LiveOps player monetization and journey creation


Momchil Kyurkchiev

(Co-Founder & CPO at Leanplum) - Host

Momchil is Leanplum’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer (CPO), leading the product vision and roadmap by leveraging his expertise in multi-channel customer engagement platforms. Prior to Leanplum, Momchil was at Google, where he launched multiple quality improvements to YouTube’s ranking algorithms and built some of the core A/B testing infrastructure for featured video ads.

Andre Cohen

(Head of Data Science at Tilting Point) - Panelist

André is the Head of Data Science at Tilting Point, overseeing end-to-end analytics for UA, games and market insights. Prior to the acquisition by Tilting Point, André was the CTO of Gondola — the first dynamic pricing and targeted offer optimization platform for F2P games. Before, he was working on his PhD in Machine Learning until deciding to change course and start developing mobile games.