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Eight Steps to Boosting Customer Loyalty in Apps

Today’s app marketers dedicate a huge amount of effort — and budget — to customer acquisition. It costs, on average, $2.89 to convert every new user. But most of this money is wasted: eight in 10 of these hard won customers never use the app they download.

Shouldn’t app marketers focus as much on keeping users engaged as winning them over in the first place? The good news is that they can. In fact, there have never been more retention tools available to app professionals.

Marketers can use data, analytics and A/B testing to customize the in-app experience. They can deliver genuinely personal messages to the right users at exactly the right time. And they can send them across multiple channels too — whether it’s email, push notifications, text, in-app, or web push.

In this guide, produced in conjunction with Mobile World Live, we summarize eight ways to boost customer loyalty in apps, showing how real-life app marketers have used these strategies to achieve stunning results.