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A/B Testing Experiments - How Failure Can Be Winning

Watch our on-demand webinar to hear A/B testing veterans Zenly, Phiture, Hike and Leanplum talk about all things A/B testing. From failure to success, you’ll hear what made them wiser.

  • A/B Testing can be fragile. It can get influenced by seasonality, product changes or even media coverage. Learn how Zenly manages to constantly adapt its growth approach.
  • Common mistakes that doom your A/B testing before you even start. Phiture will discuss how you can run tests that will lead your company to real growth.
  • Logging events and attributes while running an A/B test is crucial. It’s also key to understand what comes after the test is conducted and what conclusions to draw. Hike will share how it excels at it.
  • Leanplum will share why all the metrics of a test matter and how a first glance at results can be deceiving.