Unify customer data and campaign orchestration to drive revenue through cross-channel personalization and robust, real-time campaign triggering.

What is Tealium?

The Tealium Universal Data Hub provides organizations with a universal approach to orchestrating customer data across teams, vendors, and touchpoints – enabling richer, more personalized digital experiences.

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Customer Data Platform

Data Orchestration, Unified Customer Data

How Leanplum and Tealium work together

Today, consumers engage with brands across multiple physical and digital channels with mobile being credited as most directly linked to engagement and revenue growth. To capitalize on this opportunity, marketers need to recognize their users across multiple devices and touchpoints, address them as individuals and connect with them how, where and when they are most likely to engage. Together, we free customers from data silos and enable the infusion of mobile-centric campaigns with insights gathered from web and off-line sources.

Empower marketers with Tealium AudienceStream and EventStream to optimize personalization and results.

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Engage users as individuals with Leanplum & Tealium

Leanplum customers have seen

increase in revenue

higher user retention

more conversions

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