Lift organic installs with social sharing


When your users share content across their social media channels, it drives word-of-mouth buzz — and often helps with user acquisition efforts. But to do that successfully, you have to target your most loyal users and make it easy for them to share content directly from your app.


Target your app’s champions for social sharing.

Rule one: Don’t ask everyone to share. Your most active users can also be your most vocal supporters. With Leanplum, you can target users based on the number of prior sessions, time spent in your app, or even set up custom tracking to target the users who share the most content.

Personalize calls for social sharing.

Personalization, emojis, and calls-to-action are three ways to boost the chances that users will share across social. With Leanplum, you can personalize your in-app messages to include any user attributes you like, such as first names, their friends or followers’ names, titles of articles they engaged with, and more. Try sending a message like this, “Nice playlist, Kevin! ? Don’t forget to tell your friends ??‍?, so they can enjoy it, too. ? Tap here to share on Facebook.”


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