Send just-in-time info


Many apps need to deliver real-time information to users. This can be almost anything: a live shipping status for a recent purchase, the current inventory of a wishlist item, or the latest weather report for a user’s current location. Use Leanplum’s Linked Data feature to send automated messages with real-time information from any data source.


Increase engagement.

Messages with real-time, personalized information increase the chances that users will continue to use and engage with your app regularly. Plus, the more they use your app, the more data you can draw, and the more relevant and useful these messages can be. This only adds to the experience and keeps the cycle going.

Increase relevancy.

Rather than send a one-off, scheduled message blast with static text to all your users, create a targeted message that pulls in relevant data personalized for each individual. You can set up Linked Data with any data source that has a web API. This lets you pass relevant attributes in the Linked Data API call (like a user ID, or SKU, or zipcode), to get a response that feels genuine.

Learn how to set up a message with Linked Data.


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