Increase Activation with In-app Onboarding Tips

The industry standard for user retention at day one is only 25%, but you can increase it 10% by sending a tip.



New users aren’t familiar with your app, so they don’t know how to do certain things and aren’t necessarily invested in learning. Leanplum allows apps to send users notifications on tips and tricks for the first few days of using an app to educate users as well as encourage them to come back.




Educate users so they get the best experience with the app.

Users may not be aware of specific features or best ways to accomplish things in the app. By providing them with notifications that detail ‘how to’s’ they are more likely to have a positive experience.


Increase overall retention.

Use these daily tips to re-engage users and keep them coming back to the app. By sending daily tips on the first, second and third day you are keeping the app top of mind and giving the user a reason to return.


Automate the process for ease.

Leanplum allows you to trigger the tips based on when the user first opens the app. These notifications are then timed to send one day, two days or x days after with no additional manual work.


Learn how to set up a new user tip of the day.


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