Re-engage dormant users

On average, apps have only 5% day 30 retention.



Dormant users by definition are those who were active in the past but have since become inactive. Use Leanplum to re-engage those users with hyper-personalized push notifications and emails.




Increase user engagement.


By sending users who have not been back into the app within seven, 14 or even 30 days a notification, you keep the app top of mind and increase the chances of them returning. You can also use past behavior to customize the message and remind users why they enjoyed it in the first place.


Use lifecycle campaigns to automate the re-engagement.


Rather than sending one off messages to users to bring them back into the app, you can create lifecycle campaigns that will automatically set up a series of messages to re-engage users. Once the user has come back, the campaign will be reset automatically for them should they begin to drop off again.


Learn how to set up a dormant user reactivation and re-engagement campaign.


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