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Mastering app engagement is a prerequisite for teams driving growth in a mobile-first world. Adopting a unified, multi-channel campaign focus will deliver conversions, revenue, and meaningful relationships that stand the test of time.


Mobile Marketing Academy can show you the way. It’s our exclusive, tuition-free series of email and video lessons prepared 
by a team of marketing experts.







Episode one: The Bumblebee Lifecycle Path

The average app loses eight out of 10 users by day one. Learn how to save those users with retention best practices.

Episode two: We’re Onboarding Now!

One in three users will open an app only once. Learn how push notifications can break through that indifference.

Episode three: Would You Like Fries With That?

Ninety percent of mobile shopping carts go abandoned. Learn how to drive lifetime customer value by boosting your conversion know-how.

Episode four: They’re Only Sleeping

After week one, 68 percent of your app users are dormant. Learn how to win them back with a wake-up diet of hyper-personalized push notifications and email.

Episode five: Shoot for the Stars

Forty percent of apps have less than a three-star rating. Learn how to energize your most loyal and satisfied users to show their app love.

Episode six: Choosing a Mobile Marketing Vendor

From cross-channel messaging and insight-driven analytics to automation, learn how to decide the criteria for choosing the best mobile marketing platform for your apps.

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