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We saw a 14% increase in revenues after turning the promotion off. We went from no presence in the US to Top 5 Free in days and Leanplum was there to support our growth.

Oliver Miao,
CEO at Pixelberry Studios


Pixelberry had two main challenges to solve:

  1. Within a week of the submission for its global launch build, how should Pixelberry Studios build in the capability to offer free currency during the first weekend of launch to support a major marketing push?
  1. Is it worth keeping the promotion ongoing in the game or is it better to turn off the promotion?


Rather than build out their own server solution for just this one feature, Pixelberry Studios developers recommended an unorthodox solution – using Leanplum’s A/B test feature to time release the promotional campaign. Pixelberry Studios could then use Leanplum’s analytics data to track the effects of the campaign.

Why Pixelberry trusts Leanplum

Pixelberry Studios saved several days of development, got the feature in time for launch, and hit Top 5 in the Free category in 
the App Store. Pixelberry is now deploying this more customized way of reaching out to its users for their promotions and contests. With Leanplum, Pixelberry game players can worry less about annoying notifications popping up at inopportune moments, and engage with games and promotions at the best time.

About Pixelberry

Pixelberry Studios is a bootstrapped, indie developer that launched High School Story into the Top 25 (Top Grossing Apps) in iOS. The team previously had experience at EA launching two games into the Top 25 Grossing rank, and they knew they needed strong analytics and A/B Testing solution. The CEO researched leading analytics companies for several weeks before deciding on Leanplum.

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