Creating human connections
with mobile innovations

Leanplum is the mobile marketing platform built for engagement. With a focus on helping brands create meaningful experiences for their users, Leanplum combines multi-channel messaging and in-app solutions in a single platform.

We’re advancing mobile engagement to help brands capture hearts and create lasting relationships.

From day 1, we knew that "people come first." As we realized our dream of building engagement technology that would facilitate one-to-one relationships, that value became ever more important. — Co-Founders, Andrew and Momchil

Empowering people to build connections that matter

Mobile, the most personal of devices, is everywhere. That ubiquity is forging the path to creating new, meaningful relationships. We’re doing just that within and beyond our walls with our commitment to our five core values.

Lead Humbly

Be a Doer

Skip Politics

Push Innovation

Show Gratitude

Meet our leadership

Petar Nedyalkov
VP of Operations
Joyce Solano
SVP of Global Marketing
Andrew First
Momchil Kyurkchiev
Al Rey
Mike Donahue
VP of Global Sales
Walter Lee
Head of Product Management
Jim Lightsey
Shawn Azman
SVP of Growth & Strategy
Michal Pilawski
VP Product Development

Leanplum History

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Software Engineer - Backend (Orchestration & Scheduling)

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Technical Email Associate - New York or San Francisco

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