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  • Custom Pricing with discounts for larger commitments
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Talk to us about:

  • Custom Pricing with discounts for larger commitments
  • Dedicated Customer Success & Implementation Services
  • Access to our Customer Advisory Board

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The only solution that combines Lifecycle Marketing and Product A/B Testing to personalize the entire mobile app journey.

  • Multi-channel campaigns with Drag & Drop editing
  • Behavioral segmentation & triggering
  • Dynamic content personalization
  • Product A/B testing & reporting
  • Full suite of SDKs, integrations, API

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Personalize the user journey with advanced behavioral targeting & triggering in realtime

Our data shows a 7x increase in engagement when messages target recent and current-session behavior

Next level of operational efficiency in optimizing messages & product experience together

Be more productive & agile, and run more campaigns/tests, which means increased revenue & retention

Industry-leading A/B testing allows you to learn and iterate faster

Running good tests using statistical confidence does not require a PhD in math

Users Love Us on G2

We used to work with a complicated system of point solutions for A/B testing, Analytics and Lifecycle Marketing. The integration process alone took two quarters. However, the real challenge was maintaining and keeping real-time data in sync post-integration. For SmallPDF, we picked Leanplum because it has all three out of the box. This helped us to get value rapidly and freed our engineers to work on new features instead of dealing with ongoing maintenance issues.

Mike Pilawski,
CPO of SmallPDF

Built for Apps Large & Small

We are already operating at incredible scale today, with ready capacity for more:

More than 500M Monthly Active Users

More than 1B Messages Sent On Busiest Day

More than 1.5B Interactions on Busiest Day

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate billable MAU, and are there any data limits?
If a user performs an action in a given calendar month, they are counted as an MAU. You are allowed to use an average of 250 UserOps per MAU. UserOps are updates to the realtime user profile, which, unlike data points, can be batched by our SDKs and the API for more efficient billing (250 UserOps are equivalent to 1000+ data points). The vast majority of Leanplum customers use well under this limit. The Enterprise plan is eligible for custom limits and UserOps-only pricing.
What happens if I exceed my allotment?
Capacity allotment scales with increased usage. Our team will help you monitor and optimize for maximum ROI. You will always have visibility into future costs within your agreement.
Are there any product features that are not available in the startup plans?
Unlike other platforms that heavily trim down their products, hurting the potential ROI in the process, we believe in offering the complete platform together. The only package that requires an upgrade (and additional IP setup) is Email, which is billed on a volume basis. Please contact us if you are interested in Email. See the full list of available features.
Is there a free trial?
Yes! All startup plans come with a 14-day free trial. If you’re interested in the Enterprise plan, please contact us.
Can I see the product before I start?
Yes! Check out our brand new product tour.
How long does it take to integrate?
It really depends on you. You can easily instrument the SDK with some basic event tracking and push notifications in less than a week. For more complex use cases, e.g. enabling email, you will need to factor in IP warmup time.
Can I get help with the instrumentation?
We recommend that you start with our product tour to get a general overview of our platform. Then, you can dive into our developer docs and user guide. If you have any further questions, feel free to email
Does Leanplum integrate with the rest of my MarTech stack?
It surely does! See our extensive library of pre-built integrations. If you need a custom integration, also check out our API, webhooks, and Linked Data.

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