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Larry Hsieh on LiveOps: Keep the Game Relevant With Minimal Resources

On the PocketGamer.biz Podcast, Larry Hsieh talks about LiveOps and events initiatives using Leanplum for his studio’s free-to-play games.
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Best Practices: Running LiveOps Events on a Shoestring Budget

You want your players to keep returning to your gaming app. Here are tips on running your liveops events so they increase engagement and retention.
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Preparing for Your LiveOps Event

Are your players excited about your in-game events? They will be if you follow the 4 principles of staging effective liveops events.
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The Three Building Blocks of LiveOps Events

LiveOps — short for live operations — has been described as “games-as-a-service.” This is because of the way it creates a loyal community around a mobile game via promotions and...
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Mobile Gaming 2021: How to Increase Player Engagement and Revenue

There’s no denying that the mobile gaming market has been booming at an astonishing rate. Not only is there a very low barrier to entry to play mobile games, but the isolation b...
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$105M Series D, focused on building #1 Retention Cloud

Sunil Thomas, Co-founder & Executive Chairman, CleverTap I am ridiculously excited to announce our $105M in Series D funding, led by CDPQ. Also participating in this round i...