Mobile Marketing Trends

Un🔓Engagement & Growth With Emojis

Are you making the most out of emojis in your marketing? In the sequel to our enormously popular 2017 emoji trends report, we unveil how sprinkling emojis into your messaging can engage and retain customers.

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🆙 Your Emoji Game

In an update to our most popular report ever, we reveal that emojis don’t just add a little flair to mobile messages. They significantly impact mobile usage and engagement.

Get the full scoop on emoji usage trends, with data-backed takeaways like:

  • Emoji usage in push notifications doubled in the last year
  • Emails with emojis see 66 percent higher open rates, and push notifications with emojis see 254 percent higher open rates
  • Apps that use emojis in mobile messages experience 26 percent fewer uninstalls