Mobile Marketing Trends

Not Your Grandma’s Email

The Transformation of Email in a Mobile World
Are you emailing like it’s 1999? Using email as a standalone channel is old school. In our new Mobile Marketing Trends report, we reveal how to put email at the core of your multi-channel campaigns, driving retention and revenue.

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Increase mobile engagement 3x

In Q1 of 2018, the app economy was responsible for more than $18.4 billion. Email marketing enables brands to tap into this revenue by prompting mobile users to come back to the app. One of the chief benefits? Brands have a chance to monetize their users and app.

But email alone isn’t enough. To truly engage customers wherever they are — web, mobile, mobile web — you need a mobile marketing strategy that combines email with other communication channels.

This comprehensive report sources real-world data to help you grow email as a core part of your multi-channel campaigns. Some of the data-backed email takeaways you’ll get:

  • Mobile engagement increases 3x when you send both emails and push notifications
  • Emailing dormant users 1x per week may convince half of them to open your app
  • Loyal users love frequent emails, but emailing less engaged users too often leads to unsubscribes