Built for the enterprise

To ensure a best-in-class customer experience, we architected the Leanplum platform for reliability, security, and scalability. Brands can rest assured that our enterprise-grade performance is built for the long haul.

Engineered for scale and reliability


We are committed to providing our customers enterprise-grade uptime and reliability, delivering personalized mobile engagement experiences to their users. To minimize service interruption, Leanplum distributes data to multiple Google Cloud data centers. A three-way replication system for data storage in production ensures redundancy and disaster recovery. Customers are assured of a reliable and highly-available platform to help them build long-term relationships and loyalty with their users.

Scalability and support

Leanplum is engineered with scale in mind. Our platform operates on a massive scale, processing over 16 billion events per day, without any loss of service or performance. Our commitment extends beyond platform performance by ensuring success with a dedicated team that advises customers on optimizations and best practices, from onboarding to high-impact growth strategies.


Customers own and completely control their data, while we provide the best-in-class protections to ensure their data is secure and accessible at all times. Security and privacy is our highest priority, so we encrypt all customer data, both stored and transmitted. We also ensure compliance with specific requirements such as EU-US Privacy Shield and other regulations.


Our platform is built for speed and responsiveness, handling large volumes of data without any performance degradation. While most mobile engagement platforms charge you by data point, we let you collect unlimited data without any additional cost. Our platform handles campaigns targeting millions of users at a time and supports sending upwards of 50 million messages hourly per account.

Top brands trust Leanplum

  • Grab
  • NBC
  • QVC
  • TED
  • Tinder
  • Zynga
“For large brands with a massive user count, having a partner that can scale is crucial. When we researched mobile marketing solutions that could handle our daily events and successfully manage our large user base, Leanplum was the only platform that fit the bill.” — Eric MacKinnon, Director of Product Management at App Annie

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