Webinar: Push Notification Power Words

Recorded: May 24, 2017

Please. Thanks. Rate. Your. Win. Play. Free. These words and over 100 others pack a punch when it comes to getting mobile users’ attention with push notifications. With exclusive insights from our most recent Mobile Marketing Trends report, we’ve prepared a webinar that dives deep into which words matter the most.

Effective mobile messaging is a huge challenge for mobile marketers. Not only will these “power words” amplify your creativity and app engagement, but they will increase your open rates, retention, and revenue.

Webinar Highlights

Words That Matter

Content plays a huge role in generating more engagement and revenue. By injecting a few power words into your push notification campaigns, alongside a great engagement plan, you can attract more users back to your app and have a big impact on your business.

The main takeaways in the webinar:

  • The most-used words in push notifications
  • The strongest power words for each vertical
  • 120 power words that boost app opens
  • How to use power words to lift conversions

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