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Winning App ❤️ (& 💸) With Emojis

Chances are, you’re familiar with emojis. We send them every day in texts and use them in emails — but when it comes to push notifications, there hasn’t been much formal analysis on their effect. Can these little pictures really increase app engagement?

In our latest Mobile Marketing Trends report, we set out to understand how much emojis can improve push notification opens. It turns out, emojis do way more than that, helping apps win user love and increasing revenue.

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Emoji Data You Won’t 
Find Anywhere Else

Get the most comprehensive data ever released 
around how emojis impact push notification 
engagement including:

  • The psychology behind why people love emojis
  • Data on users interacting with push notification emojis
  • The year-over-year increase of push notification emojis
  • The most popular emojis used by each vertical
  • The impact of emojis on push notification open rates
  • Emoji engagement on Android vs. iOS
  • How push notification emojis impact ratings and reviews
  • Push notification emoji use cases, by real brands

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