Get Users’ Attention
with App Personalization

Unlock the full potential of your mobile app
with one-on-one connections.


Mobile is the most personal device we own, tapping into our behaviors, preferences, even the times of day we like to engage. Leanplum provides context and personalization enabled by individual user profiles that get richer over time. Demographic, behavior, location, time, and external data provide the deep insights that power relevance.

The key to meaningful engagement is understanding who users are and what they do inside your app. We capture limitless user events and behaviors to fuel highly contextual messaging campaigns.

Traditional blasts are as generic as “Hey! You have an item in your cart.” Leanplum empowers you to send push notifications as specific as, “Susan, don’t forget the Apple Watch in your shopping cart. Check out now!”

Use all of these customer insights to create segments for your A/B tests, messaging campaigns, and even the in-app content. Leanplum is the only solution that enables holistic segmentation across every aspect of a mobile app.

Unified User Profiles

Aggregate customer attributes and behaviors over time to create in-depth personalization.

Rich Data

Pull insights from all your marketing channels to take customer targeting to the next level.

Segmentation Made Easy

Build simple or complex segments with ease to deliver relevant experiences to users.

User Profile


Personalization Based on:

  • Technology
  • Lifecycle Stage
  • Localization
  • Demographic Information
  • Behavioral Attributes
  • Data Enrichment

Why Leanplum

Complete Profiles

Our user profiles combine demographics, behaviors, locations, data imported from external CRMs, and more. Information augments over time to capture new attributes and is immediately available.

Flexible Parameters

Personalize any messaging campaign, channel, or in-app experience with ease and flexibility.

Extensive Segmentation

Use segmentation within all your mobile marketing initiatives, to engage with targeted groups through both messaging campaigns and in-app content.

Enhanced Profiles

For richer personalization, import data from an external CRM into Leanplum. This sync augments profiles and deepens your customer understanding over time.

Contextual Feeds

Pull external data into your messaging. Information such as real-time weather or available product inventory give campaigns more relevance.

Complete Ownership

Get complete ownership of all your data. Export user profiles from our service at any time to enrich external CRMs and centralized user intelligence.


“Leanplum’s integrated platform for both push notifications and in-app A/B testing is far superior to managing standalone vendors. With its complete optimization solution and added support for email, Leanplum helps us deliver a great app experience to fuel millions of new connections.”

Maria Zhang, VP of Engineering at Tinder