With Segment and Leanplum, marketers can create holistic campaigns and effectively target carefully curated Personas.

What is Segment?

Segment is the single platform that allows you to collect, store and clean up your customer data. Developers can stop building tedious and expensive one-off data integrations while business users can get straight to work, turning on their favorite apps right from the Segment dashboard.

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Customer Data Platform

Data Management, Unified Customer Data

How Leanplum & Segment work together

The Leanplum / Segment partnership brings holistic customer profiling to mobile-optimized campaigns. Leanplum’s integrated messaging + AB Testing platform optimizes campaigns, in real-time, architected around uniquely crafted Personas built-in Segment’s master customer data store. The integration gives customers the ability to send data from key data sources — like Salesforce and Zendesk — to Leanplum for campaigns. See our destination page here.

Coming soon, we will be unveiling our new streaming API integration which will send campaign engagement data from Leanplum to Segment (link to our Source page to be published shortly!). This will create a persistent, real-time feedback loop, ensuring data is always up to date and reflective of derived actions.

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