With Leanplum and mParticle, marketers can accelerate mobile growth and power campaign engagement with cross-channel data orchestration.

What is mParticle?

mParticle is the leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) for multi-channel consumer brands. Companies use mParticle to create a unified, real-time customer data pipeline that enables them to win in key moments of the customer journey. With mParticle, you can ensure data quality by having complete visibility and control over how data is flowing in/out of mParticle.

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Customer Data Platform

Unified Customer Data

How Leanplum & mParticle work together

mParticle and Leanplum partner to deliver a differentiated, mobile-first solution to Marketing, Product, and Growth teams. Build aggregated user profiles and custom audiences, then orchestrate personalized multi-channel campaigns with built-in A/B Testing in a seamlessly-integrated workflow. 

**Coming soon: Persistent, real-time feedback loops ensure that customer data is always up to date and reflective of derived actions.

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more conversions

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