Create lasting relationships with your users by providing a seamless experience across multiple devices and communication channels. Increase conversions and drive engagement with robust attribution data captured throughout the user journey.

What is Branch?

Branch is an industry-leading mobile growth platform that helps brands unify customer experiences and measurement with deep links and cross-platform measurement.

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How Leanplum and Branch work together

Leanplum and Branch help brands maximize ROI through highly personalized campaigns that target users by install attribution data and keep users “in the moment” with a seamless experience from web to app. By adding Branch links to Leanplum engagement campaigns marketers are able to capture a holistic view of the customer journey and understand how best to personalize future campaigns.

Branch technical documentation

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Create meaningful engagements with Leanplum & Branch

Leanplum customers have seen

of marketers are focusing their data and analytics capabilities and personalization technologies to deliver personalized customer experiences.

of U.S. consumers say they have purchased something more expensive than they planned to because of personalized service.

brands who rely on personalization see revenue increase 2 to 3 times faster than brands who don’t.

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