Increase revenue with upsells and cross-sells

3% of users make in-app purchases on a given day.


When users make a purchase, there could be other opportunities for them to buy. Maybe there are add-on products or complimentary items. Use Leanplum to inform users of additional purchase opportunities based on their initial transaction.


Your Benefit


Increase the spend per user.

By alerting users to additional purchase opportunities related to their last purchase, you increase the chance that they will purchase again. Additionally, apps can include a promotion code in the cross-sell/upsell offer to further entice the users to go one and make the second transaction.


Expand awareness of other offerings.

Users are often times not aware of other related purchase opportunities. By informing them of these related items, you spread awareness of a more robust and holistic offering.


Learn how to set up upsell and cross-sell campaigns.



In-App Purchases Now

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