Drive DAU with time-based reminders

On average, only 15% of monthly active users are active daily.


Many apps have events that take place on certain days or times. For example, users of a travel app will book a trip for a certain day while other apps will have subscriptions that expire on a specific day. These apps want to send notifications to users X days before or after the day marked. Use Leanplum to send users a travel guide a week before their scheduled flight, a weather update the night before when they are likely to pack, tips on ground transportation as soon as they arrive, or a quick survey several days after the trip.




Become more than a transactional app.

By reminding users that an event is coming, the app becomes more than a way to make a transaction. It becomes a valuable tool to the users that communications important information at the right time.


Engage in the moment.

When an app sends important reminders based on specific timing, users are much more likely to come back into the app and re-engage. Knowing someone’s plans creates an opportunity to deliver value to them before or after the day marked. The best push notifications are timely and helpful, and leveraging time-based triggers is key to making that happen.


Learn how to set up time-based reminders.



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