Reduce shopping cart abandonment

90% of shopping carts are abandoned on mobile.



Often times, users will add items they like to their shopping cart, but never complete the checkout process. Maybe the shopper was pulled away from the app or on the fence about the purchase. Use Leanplum to send users a notification reminding them that their specific product is still in the cart waiting to be purchased.


Your Benefit


Increase purchase and shopping cart conversions.

Once the user leaves the app, they usually forget about the product in their shopping cart. By sending them a notification shortly after they add the item but don’t purchase, you keep the item top of mind and encourage conversions.


Personalize the message with relevant details.

When sending the reminder, dynamically customize the message to include the name of the item added and any other relevant information. By including specific details about the item, the shopper is much more likely to interact with the message and come back to the app. In addition, take advantage of Leanplum’s Optimal Time delivery in order to maximize conversions.


Track web activity for an omni-channel experience.

If there is a web experience that lives alongside the app, it’s common for users to interact with items on the app but to make the final purchase on the web. When this occurs, you don’t want those shoppers to still receive a notification about the item. Leanplum allows you to send web activity that can be used to cancel notifications triggered by the app. This results in a more positive, holistic user experience.


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