Reward your loyal customers

1% of your users are responsible for 80% of the spend.



Many apps have status achievements and loyalty programs that users can join. These status ranks can come with some significant perks. Use Leanplum to inform users of their increased perks and clout.


Your Benefit


Increase app retention.

When users are alerted to an increased status or perks that come with their current status, they are much more likely to come back to the app and engage with the new opportunities. Use Leanplum to communicate what benefits come with a status and how it impacts their app usage.


Delight your most loyal users.

Users love to know that they are increasing in rank or status. It’s a good feeling to know that your engagement has resulted in something positive. Delight your users by proactively alerting them of their increased rank.


Learn how to set up loyalty status update.


Critical Use Cases: Better App Engagement

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