Increase push notification opt-ins

Only 43% of iOS users opt into push notifications.


iOS apps are required to obtain an opt-in from users to receive Push Notifications. If a user decides to decline the opt-in that is served, the app is not offered another opportunity to request the opt-in again. This results in the app’s inability to communicate proactively via notifications to their users.


Leanplum’s Push Pre-Permissions allows apps to place an in-app message in front of the actual iOS opt-in, providing the ability to ask the users if they are interested in push without losing the one chance to obtain the opt-in. In addition, the extra real estates provides an opportunity to explain to the user why they should enable push notifications in the context of when the user needs them most (e.g. to receive flight delay alerts). If the user declines, the iOS opt-in is never displayed and Leanplum will allow you to serve it to the user again at a different time. This in turn increases your opt-in rates.




Serve the opt-in to users at varying places in the app.

Leanplum’s Push Pre-Permissions not only allows you to serve the opt-in to the users multiple times before accepting, but also allows you to place the in-opt in other places aside from app open. When a user is asked to opt-in for push notifications at app open, they have not had the chance to understand why they would want the notification or even become engaged in the app. This not the ideal time to request the opt-in.


Leanplum allows you to use events already being tracked in the app as triggers for serving the push pre-permission prompt. Common use cases are serving the opt-in after a user has completed a milestone such as engaging with content, searching for an item or registering as a user. Once the user has completed the activity, request the opt-in.


Communicate why the user wants notifications.

After the opt-in has been triggered at the proper time, Leanplum’s Push Pre-Permission also allows you to customize the messaging served to the user. Instead of simply requesting the user to accept notifications, provide the benefits of why they would want the communication – what’s the value? Maybe the app will provide updates on content or let the user know when their order has shipped. If they know they will benefit, they are much more likely to accept the opt-in.


A/B test the placement and messaging for the opt-in.

Leanplum’s powerful A/B testing platform allows you to test the Push Pre-Permissions campaign that you launch. Commonly, apps will test the place in the app in which the opt-in is served to see where the highest conversions are achieved. Additionally, the copy used to request the opt-in will also be tested to see which benefits and value props are resonating most with users. This allows you to optimize your strategy and obtain the most opt-ins possible.


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